Monday, 31 January 2011


I don't get it. Running that is. Why do people do it?

I've tried-I was in an athletics club as a child and I've tried running on and off over the years and have even been told I have a good running technique (whatever the hell that is!!) but after 5 minutes I'm sweating my tits off, breathing like I smoke 40 a day (and I've never smoked in my life-well once as at 15 in the park and trying to be all grown up!) and my legs feel like lead weights.

The longest I've ever ran (without stopping) for is 20 minutes. I've tried building up my tolerance to it but nope. I still hate it.

The annoying thing is that high intensity workouts help me lose weight (unlike the norm which is to lose weight with a low intensity workout). Yes I am a freak of nature!

So ,anyway, I have to make myself do some running occasionally but usually it consists of 10 minutes walking and 10 minutes running before I give up and head for the shower with a beetroot red face that doesn't go away for 3 hours!

So now I've explained in a round about way why I try running and why I hate it!

I want to know how other people get past all that pain and actually get to the part they enjoy and what exactly that part is!

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