Friday, 4 February 2011

Complete lack of willpower

I'm not sure what happened to me during the whole dividing up personality traits things but someone missed something. My willpower! It's not even missing, it's never been there in the first place!

If I ever find anything too hard-I can't see the point of wasting my time on it. If I'm short on cash , I will still buy something completely pointless.

pic provided by this site-mug available for sale through them

And as for eating healthily -forget it!

I'm supposed to be completing a project at the moment but instead I'm here.

I just can never make myself do something I need to or even worse, I just don't even think about it. I completely forget I was supposed to be eating healthily or spending wisely or studying.

I'm sure this is all connected to me willpower because isn't willpower supposed to push you on to want to resist things you don't need or buckle down and do something you can't be bothered to do?

Or is that another personality trait I'm missing?!

And how do I train myself to develop it-because I don't have any willpower to make myself train myself-see vicious circle!

I'm screwed!

And I want my money back as I'm obviously a dud!

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