Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Book Borrowing

Another nerd girl problem which I can relate to from my experiences of lending books and never getting them back or getting them back damaged

The worst of it is, I have no problem borrowing from other people!! 
I will say though, I never bend borrowed books back when reading them so I don't damaged the spine, I never turn the corners over on books belonging to others (or library books) but I may occasionally forget I have the book-oops! So far I have managed to avoid sending someone else's book to the charity shop.

Hence why when lending books out I generally give each borrower a few rules first:

  • don't turn the corners of my pages over
  • don't have any liquids (drinks that can be spilled or bathwater!) near my book
  • if it has a pretty cover, make sure you use a book bag to carry it at all times
and I will constantly check on where they are in reading it so they don't forget they have it or lend it to someone I don't know.

That could be why not many people ask to borrow my books any more. Thank god, the harassing worked!

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