Friday, 1 March 2013

Friday stories

Sorry I'm a day late!! Well as it's the first post, I'll let myself off. Every Friday I'm going to post short stories, poems and extracts from my novel attempt. I warn you, I am not brilliant at this so if you have a weak stomach for crappy writing, move on now!
Also,I am rubbish at grammar and quite frankly don't care either! I write as I think regardless of the sense it makes. And I love exclamation marks.

Extract from the first draft (note I say first draft!!)of my science fiction romance:-

        "Novi stepped off the transport station onto the transport hub of the Astrum, the ship where she’d just arrived as the newest member to the Science Department. Novi’s specialty was in the field of sensor analyzing  For her tenth birthday she’d received a space science book and had instantly fallen in love with idea of working and exploring in space, studying planetary atmospheres, nebulas, black holes, all the fun stuff she’d found in her new book. Her parents taught all of their four kids if they work hard, anything is possible. Novi had decided she wanted to work in space so she studied hard in school, got her degrees in Space Science and Astronautical Engineering, got accepted to the Fleet College and became an Ensign two years ago. Her ultimate dream was to work on a large exploration ship like the Astrum and work her way up to Head of the Science Department. She had landed a prime ship like the Astrum, now she just needed to put her head down and prove her worth. That’s why she absolutely did not need a distraction like Commander Benedict Tuoro.

        The Astrum was capable of a crew capacity of two hundred and had one entire floor of one hundred and ten two-bedroom crew quarters. The transport hub was two decks down in the hull of the ship, and the Ensign quarters were a good ten to fifteen minutes’ walk and elevator ride from there. The area was never quiet and it was easy to get distracted by other crew and stop off for a quick chat. Tonight though Novi was on a mission, she was determined to get to her quarters so she could throw on her pj’s and wallow in self-pity in bed.
She shared a 2 bedroom apartment with Sali Rao. She’d first met Sali in college 6 years ago, so she was quite happy to be placed in quarters with her. That was until she realized just what a slob Sali is. If there aren't plates of half eaten food left on the kitchen counter, Sali usually strips her clothes off en route to the shower and leaves them scattered across the floor. Definitely not Novi’s idea of relaxing environment.
         Novi was so distracted though by what just happened that she didn't even notice mess. She stormed into the living room, dumped her guitar on the floor next to the sofa, and flopped down on it. She leaned forward with her elbows on her knees and her head in her hands.
 “This is not good. What am I thinking, falling for my new Commander. Damn it!” she slammed her hand down on the coffee table top.

       “Careful, you don't wanna break that! Pagh will not be happy when you requisition another one, trust me!” her roommate, Sali chided. Novi had been so distracted she hadn't even noticed her enter the quarters.
What's got you angry?” Sali asked with a puzzled look on her face, she had never seen her roommate anything other than sunny. ”Did they not let you play?” Sali sympathized  she knew how much Novi relied on playing to de-stress. Sali, she preferred a good tequila night herself.
“No, I mean yes they did”
“And they didn’t like you?” Sali said in disbelief.
“They liked me, they wanted me to play with them on a regular basis” Novi was pulling at a thread on her sleeve.
“Ok, then spill” Sali crossed her arms and adopted her ‘you are not moving until you spill all stance’.
Novi debated telling Sali but you never tell Sali anything unless you want everyone to know about it. Not that Sali’s heart isn’t in the right place, she just can’t help herself when it comes to gossip.
Novi leaned back on the sofa and said Sali’s 4 favourite words “I need a drink”
“Ooh now I know there’s something wrong-you never drink when you have to be at work in a few hours. Nope, whilst I would love to knock back a bottle of wine, I’m going to be the grown up one and send you to bed. Everything always looks better in the morning, as my Naanii used to say. Come on, up”
Still stunned by the fact Sali turned down a drink, Novi found herself being dragged into her bedroom.
“Sleep” Sali closed the door behind her leaving Novi standing there wondering what just happened and when Sali had become the grown up one!

        The alarm woke Novi up with a start, surprisingly, she’d slept. Unfortunately, not deep enough to avoid a really odd and vivid dream. Though the dream was already starting to fade away, she could still recall standing on a terrace overlooking a rocky landscape with an amazing sunset. The Commander had walked up behind her and put his arms around her waist and it had seemed so natural as if they had been together for years. He whispered in her ear, ”Jon is here too” and as if he had appeared out of nowhere her ex, Jon, was standing right next to her holding her hand.  Alarms sounded around them and she’d woken up to her alarm clock. She couldn't shake the feeling of contentment she had when Ben had put his arms around her. She wanted to feel that way again. But why was Jon there? She hadn't seen him in 10 years. Although she had written the song she’d sung last  night about him so that’s probably why. An old love colliding with a new love.

        Head under in a cupboard, surrounded by cables and wires, she was rewiring the new equipment they were installing in the Astro Lab, when her communicator buzzed. “Damn”, she swore as it made her jump and she bumped her head. Rubbing her head, she got out of the cupboard and answered. “Ensign here”
“I need an update, can you please bring me the sensor installation report”
“Yes Sir”
        As bad luck would have it, Lieutenant Commander Tyler, the Head of the Science department was talking to the Commander. She walked up to the pair, her boss’s back was to her but the Commander could see her just fine. He didn't even acknowledge her which she knew was sensible but still galled her. Meanwhile her body was going nuts. Her heart was racing, her face felt flushed and couldn't take her eyes of his lips as they were moving. Then the Commander’s lips stopped moving and she realized he’d stopped talking. She saw his eyes move from Lieutenant Commander Tyler to look at her and she forgot to breathe.
“Yes Ensign, you have the report?” snapped Tyler.
Oops, Tyler was talking to her.
Passing Tyler the padd, she updated him on their progress in her usual brisk and efficient manner. That’s why Novi and the Lieutenant Commander got on so well. Both hated wasting time in the workplace and neither chatted nor made small talk when there was work to be done. ‘Head down and bum up’ as her favourite Engineering professor used to say.
“Thank you Ensign”
“Sir” Novi nodded at both the Lieutenant Commander and the Commander before leaving.
“So you see Ben, I’m nearly there with this damn sensor but it’s not even been tested yet and I have no idea if it’s going to work. It’s experimental. Ensign Hyden is the best person for the job though. If anyone will get it up and running, it’ll be her. Now, I have work to do, can I please get on with it?” Tyler snapped.
Ben was still distracted by the site of Novi’s backside in the tight fitting uniform. “Sorry, yes. Thanks for the update” He cursed himself for getting so easily distracted."

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