Friday, 15 March 2013

Friday Stories

 Every Friday I'm going to post short stories, poems and, possibly, some extracts from my novel attempt. I warn you, I am not brilliant at this so if you have a weak stomach for crappy writing, move on now!

Also, I am rubbish at grammar and quite frankly don't care either! I write as I think regardless of the sense it makes. 
And I love exclamation marks.

blackness dropping on you with a roar 
as if you have no right to be here
to be alive
suffocating blackness
cloying foulness
enveloping all things
darkness bellowing out
ripping at your senses
all you can taste, see feel, smell and hear is dust
leaving you alone, blinding you
choking you
blistering your skin,
all you can hear is the dust,
all you can smell is the dust filling your nose
all alone, but surrounded by others
somewhere, maybe,
a touch, a hand,
takes yours, takes you away
darkness lightens
the thundering whimpers away
for now


(Also known as The Great Dust Storm)

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