Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Moving House

So I've been a bit distracted lately and haven't written many posts, I will try and catch up this week. This is why:-

I've decided moving house is like childbirth, as in, as soon as you see that wonderful, exciting new home, you completely forget all the stress of ringing around chasing solicitors and contractors, real estate agents and mortgage lenders, not including the packing and the cleaning of the old house!

Plus there's designing the rooms in the new house, choosing wall paper, paint, furniture, light shades and on and on and on...

The bloom is quickly wearing off for me.

I want more time to blog and read, well, more time to read really!

Though saying that' I can't wait to be in the house, once it's decorated (by someone else who won't paint everything but what they're supposed to be painting and has taste!), the furniture has been arranged, the boxes unpacked and most importantly, my study/library is ready and waiting for me to enjoy.

I'm a thinker not a doer, I plan not execute. 
Thank god for my wonderful husband who is all of those things!

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