Wednesday, 13 March 2013

nerd girl problem - Firefly

I still remember the first day I came across Firefly. 

It was 2005, sunny outside the flat, I was at home 'poorly', scrunched up on the tiny couch with Brianna the cat and channel surfing. Usually there was never anything on the syfy channel to watch but that day they were having a Firefly-a-thon.

I happened upon the episode 'Out of Gas'.  
It was the perfect episode to be introduced to the show because of the flashbacks  showing how some of the characters ended up on the ship and left me interested enough to went to watch more.

I was instantly hooked and promptly went online and spent my last cash that month on the DVD of the series.

I, of course, have both the TV series and the movie on DVD and Blu-Ray.
I have yet to buy the companion books but I will do soon.

I am getting a Serenity tattoo in June and as of April's Supernova event, I will have 2 cast members autographs on the cover of my Firefly DVD.

I'm not sure why I love the show.
Definitely the lighter side to the show was what got me hooked. The characters are very strong. There wasn't one character that was superfluous to the show and they all would have easily stood up to more episodes fleshing out their personalities, back stories and relationships.
 I wasn't all that bothered about the Mal/Inaara sub plot, though maybe that just needed more time.

It's a sad thing it ended so early but I have to say, if it hadn't, would the Browncoats be as massive as they are, would they have raised as much money as they do for charity every year and would that wonderful movie, Serenity, have ever been made? 

Although, I could quite easily have done without them killing Wash, thank you very much!

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