Friday, 22 March 2013

New House!!

Not sure who to blame for the new house we've just bought!

I'm thinking it's Tournament of Books' fault, or A M Holmes at the very least!

I was so desperate to read her book thanks to the review on Book Riot and Tournament of Books that when the library called on Friday morning to say the mobile library has a copy in, I got on my bike, faced huge hills and an hour bike ride to reach the bus in a place I've never been to before. I couldn't bear to wait until the following Thursday when the bus was back at my house.

I picked up the wonderful, wonderful book and headed home but thought I would explore a little, cos I'm a glutton for punishment and my legs weren't already killing me! 
Next door to the library bus was a set of new houses, 4 for still for sale, so I mentioned it to my husband as we like to at least look at houses but generally, they are too small for us.

Well, we saw it on the Saturday, again on the Sunday and put an offer in on Monday morning.

So thanks A M Holmes for writing such a fabulous book that I had to go to such lengths to get it and thanks to Tournament of Books for letting me discover it.

Now I have a new house!


  1. What??? Really?? I expect pictures at the very least!! Love you xx

  2. Oh no! not on here anyway, maybe on Facebook later. Though I will post pics on here of my new study!