Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Tournament of Books 4th Opening Round

Dave Pacey, the judge for this round is this year’s Reader Judge.

We have the Pre Play-In winner, Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk by Ben Fountain, versus May We Be Forgiven by A M Holmes (my personal favourite).

In the play-in round, I gave a brief intro to Billy Lynn’s Halftime Walk.

May We Be Forgiven is about Harry, who has watched his brother George, whom he hates, achieve the dream American life (2.4 children and a white picket fence). One day George smashes into a car and kills the two people. To make things worse, he then finds Harry in bed with his wife and promptly kills her with the bedside lamp, leaving Harry to bring up their two children.

I was going to abbreviate what Dave says here about these books and add a few of my own opinions but quite honestly, he’s my favourite judge so far and and I love everything he says so I’m just going to give you the link and say go and read it for yourselves!’

Also, I'm still waiting for the results to come in at Hungry Like a Wolf but I'm not doing bad on the leadership board so far! 

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