Thursday, 16 May 2013

Science Fiction and Fantasy Bookclub in the Brisbane area

I work at TLC BOOKS in Manly, QLD and I run the Science Fiction and Fantasy Bookclub. I'm not sure if there are any similar bookclubs in the Brisbane area so I thought I would post here what our bookclub is about and the contact details. 

Please pass it on if you know anyone who's looking for something like this.

We are next meeting on Friday 24th May to discuss what books we've read over the last few months and agree on the books we will be reading over the rest of the year.

"High Fantasy, Paranormal Fantasy, Science Fiction and Science Fiction & Fantasy Classics, these are areas we are going to cover in our Sci-Fi & Fantasy book club this year.
We’ll be choosing classics from the 19th century all the way up to new releases from across all the sub genres of science fiction and fantasy.
So whether you like Asimov, Kim Stanley Robinson, Joe Abercrombie or Veronica Roth or you just want to broaden your sci-fi & fy minds, hopefully we’ll have something come up over the year that you would like to read.
The book club will meet at Manly Pizzeria on a designated day each month so keep an eye out in store or on our website or Facebook for the up to date bookclub dates. If you wish to attend then you just need to pick the book up from us with 10% off and confirm you attendance the day before so we can book a table."

If you have anymore questions, please contact TLC BOOKS
on 07 33935130
or send a message via,

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