Friday, 10 May 2013

Star Trek: Into Darkness Review *beware of spoilers*

I was extremely lucky to be offered a free double pass to the preview of the new Star Trek movie, thanks to the Queensland Star Trek Fan Club.
Of course, I would have gone anyway, being a Trekkie but it was a lovely treat to go free along with other huge fans!

As I watch the 2009 Star Trek movie plus a few episodes of DS9 and Voyager at least once a month, I was a little pessimistic about this new movie living up to its predecessor.

So here we were, all sat in this lovely cinema (which was really quite posh compared to my usual movie theatre-no sticky floors nor did it smell damp), 3D glasses on, all highly anticipating what Abrams has done to the second movie, who Benedict Cumberbatch (my vote was for Section 31 to be involved-high 5 to me!) was really playing and whether we were going to be on the edge of our seats or not.

First thing I noticed was that the movie was really dark compared to the first movie, though if I took off my 3D glasses, I noticed it was a lot brighter, so that annoyed me a lot! Definitely don’t bother with 3D, not that much crack, though I’ve never been a fan of 3D anyway. I always find it extremely overrated.
Then it got straight into the action, and it never stopped.  I was literally on the edge of my seat the whole movie, much to my hubbie’s annoyance, and my blood pressure was sky high all the way through.

And a bonus to the beginning of the movie was old Mickey from Doctor Who-loved seeing him! (which reminded me, I really must watch his movie, Storage 24)

The storyline was interesting with lots of little twists, though I could quite easily have done without Carol Marcus. She was completely pointless, not a great actor and there was no chemistry whatsoever between her and Kirk, I’m hoping for her and Bones to get together instead!!
I felt poor Chekov got a bum deal in this movie, bless his little Russian ass!

I quite enjoyed the relationship between Spock and Uhuru and that it was not overplayed, which was great. It showed the respect they have for each other’s abilities and the Federation. By that, I mean, even when their lives were in danger, they trusted each other and what was meant to happen, was meant to happen. There were no, ‘I must jump out of this airlock and risk my life or the ship to rescue him/her’ issues (that came from the other love in Spock’s life instead!), that there usually is in this kind of working relationships in movies and tv series (such as Dax and Worf in Change of Heart).
For some reason, even though I loved the character, John Harrison, I did think, they underplayed him a little. I mean, I know he had quite a bit of action and there was some great badness and some lovely moments of humanity but it just didn’t ring right at the end when he tried to kill them even after they gave him what he wanted. It seemed like an unnecessary thing for someone who so much empathy earlier, to kill a crew who helped in when they themselves were incapacitated.

I did love the Spock/Kirk moment towards the end, I had my Vulcan salute ready and waiting, because, sadly, I could see it coming-boo, many tears….

Unfortunately, I could also see the end of the movie coming a mile off too, which was disappointing.

Despite all the things that annoyed me though, there was far more that I adored and I will definitely be buying this on blu-ray (2D of course) and having a Star Trek (new timeline)-a-thon every month!

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