Monday, 30 September 2013

New geek shirts arrived-woo hoo!!

I was never a t-shirt kind of girl until I discovered ThinkGeek. And no, this is not a sponsored post!! I'd found all these cool t-shirts related to my favourite shows, so my Xmas wishlist last year was on ThinkGeek. 

I've now discovered Redbubble and Threadless too which have awesome t-shirts from many different artists.
So guess what my Xmas list is going to be this year! More t-shirts of course!

3 t-shirts have just arrived today, that takes my geek tops total up to 8. For some reason I got 2 Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock t-shirts last Xmas!

 T-shirts already owned

my work t-shirt - awesome boss or what!!
Intolerably Stupid-Jane Austen quote
Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal
What girl doesn't want all the Doctors on her chest!
Christopher Ecclestone was mine!

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock

T-shirts on this year's Xmas list!

glow in the dark-cos that's always cool!
River is scary cool!

Second scary thing after River!
Enough said!

Such a beautiful picture and my dream!

The Guild artwork from Jeminabox
Aren't they always-great art
Jeminabox @ redbubble


  1. I really like BazZinga! No idea what it fricken means......but its nice!