Friday, 15 May 2015

I changed my life this time last year. I also changed someone else's; a man I'd loved for 8 years. Some might think I'd taken that decision lightly, those who say you should have worked at marriage harder. They assume people walk away too easily. Do they consider though that working hard at marriage sometimes means sacrificing happiness and contentment? Aren't we all entitled to find happiness in life?

And yet to find my contentment, I sacrificed my husband's happiness. I pulled the rug out from under him. And I think about that every single day. I go to bed and lay there thanking my lucky stars for my amazing life, whilst also thinking about my wonderful husband and our once idyllic life that I shattered.

My friends and family give me support and say 'if I'm happier now, then it was the right choice'. His friends and family probably say 'what a bitch' and 'how could she do that to you?'. They are both right.

When we stick up for our friends and knock the other person's decision because we can only see the hurt one, shouldn't we think first about the reason behind that choice?

Or maybe I am a selfish bitch? When I cry myself sleep at night thinking about the man I left, am I just having a pity party? Or have I right to mourn what we had, even if I was the one who made the choice to leave?

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