Saturday, 25 July 2015


My cousin sent me the way of Bloglovin' today. I'd heard of it before but hadn't really looked into it. Well, today I decided to pull my finger out and get productive, if I want to get serious about blogging. So I signed up, added widgets to my blog and the app to my phone and followed blogs. Done, now what???

Humm, then I realised how long it had been since I wrote a post. Lately I just haven't had any inspiration to write. I've read lots but cannot think of a thing to write about book reviews, geek stuff or just in general.

It doesn't help that a friend of mine has shown me some beautiful writing they have been doing on the sly, I feel so intimidated by how talented they are and I am not! At the same time, I'm so honoured that they have shared this with me. I'm hoping they can inspire me to write!

I accompanied someone to a folk sing-a-round the other night. A group of people sat in a room taking it in turns to sing, play instruments or read poems. I wanted to join in and read some of my poems but that I'm just not confident enough in them yet, but I'm working on it!

I have an option to take a creative writing module in January, at Uni, but once again I'm feeling too intimidated. This module counts towards my final marks, and I just don't think I'm good enough to keep up among my standard 60-65% grades if it's reliant on my writing ability.

What I need to do is give myself a mental slap! Reading this blog post back, I'm obviously just having a pity party!

I'll get back to you when I've sorted myself out!! Hopefully tomorrow....

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Writing Again!

It's been a long time since I posted any of my writing on this blog. 

The original plan was that every Friday I would post short stories, poems and extracts from my novel attempts. 

However, life just got in the way, and my confidence took a nose dive but if I plan to take Creative Writing at Uni next semester, I'd better get used to criticism!

I warn you though, I am not brilliant at this so if you have a weak stomach for crappy writing, move along now!

I am also rubbish at grammar and quite frankly don't care either! 

I write as I think regardless of the sense it makes. 

Plus I love exclamation marks, a lot!

Today I'm posting a rewritten version of a poem I posted here back in March 2013.

I was inspired by articles and eyewitness accounts of life during the Great Dust Storm of 1935 in Texas.


dropping on you with a roar 
as if you have no right
to be alive

suffocating blackness
cloying foulness
enveloping all things

darkness bellowing out
ripping at your senses
all you can taste see feel smell hear
is dust

nothing but dust
filling your nose
your lungs

blinding you
choking you
blistering your skin
leaving you alone

all alone
yet still surrounded by others
somewhere maybe
a touch a hand takes yours

takes you away
darkness lightens
the thundering whimpers away
for now