Wednesday, 12 August 2015


This year, I'm going to treat myself to a day at London Comic Con. Why the hell not?!? The event was suggested to me due to my love of all things geek! I checked out the website today and decided I was definitely interested as it seems a larger version of a similar con I'd attended in Brisbane called Supanova.

My first Supanova attendance was decided upon purely because Felicia Day was on the guest list. I couldn't resist the chance to meet her as I had been watching her youtube series 'The Guild'. I had developed a bit of a girl crush on her that still exists today! I expected there to be other Felicia Day fans but I honestly had no idea how huge her following was in Australia. Her queue was a long as the queue for the actor who played Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies! That impressed upon me just how well known she really was. I joined the massive queue and started to chatting to people near me. So many fellow geeks in one place, that was a new experience for me! I met one lovely lady in the queue, who kept me company for the two hour wait. She's an artist and I bought these three pictures from her that day.

Jemina Venter sells her art through Redbubble and if you love YA novels and geek tv, you are going to love her work.

Then it was my turn to meet Felicia and ask her to sign a copy of The Guild graphic novel. She was so lovely and even noticed and commented on my arm sleeve (she stroked it! Swoon!). I also paid to have my picture taken with her, which I would show you but all it does is show up how awful I look and how stunning she is! I am shallow enough to not do that on my own blog!
I met one other guest that day for an autograph and she was not friendly at all! And considering I was the only one at the time, you'd think she would have at least smiled!

I restricted myself at each Supanova I attended to only pay for one or two autographs and I've only paid for that one picture so far. I think you can get carried away and end up hundreds of dollars down pretty quickly for the sake of a few signatures.

The main guests I am willing to pay for autographs from are the Firefly cast as I am slowly getting my Firefly dvd signed. My hope is to one day complete the collection. So far I have 3 cast members (Morena, Adam and Sean) and am impatiently waiting for the day I can meet Nathan and Joss!

I am always surprised by how high the calibre of guests are at these events. The fact that they travel around the world to meet their fans enduring jet lag, sitting for hours signing and making inane chit chat with a bunch of strangers some of whom think they are either funnier or wittier than they really are! I'm so pleased they do it! Which actually, come to think of it, might explain why the lady I met after Felicia was so miserable!

I consider myself lucky enough to have met George R R Martin who signed my copy of Games of Thrones and he didn't charge, which I felt was lovely and I thanked him for that! Considering he wrote all the books and the G o T actors upstairs only played out some of those words, you'd think if anyone had the right to charge for his time, it would be him!
Unlike Peter Dinklage, who was going to charge twice the price of everyone else for an autograph and a picture and there were stars there that I considered more well known than him. He did cancel last minute, which makes you wonder if he even wanted to go in the first place!

I saw The Hoff which I was ridiculously excited about, purely because it's The Hoff! But I was disappointed to miss out on meeting William Shatner when he was in Australia.

Other than queuing to meet famouses, I explored the venue, met unknown authors and was always fascinated by how much effort everyone puts into their cosplay outfits. My favourite was a couple dressed as Ghostbuster characters who had adapted their pushchair into a mini Ghostbuster car with sound effects and lights. The baby was dressed in a mini Ghostbuster outfit sitting inside the little car! 
I just don't have the imagination, talent or commitment that cosplay guys have. My husband had a workmate who spent hundreds of dollars on each outfit. He had a storm-trooper outfit, a Ghostbusters one and a Captain America outfit. I would rather spend it on books and meeting Firefly cast members. 

I'm looking forward to seeing the guest list for this years London Comic Con and really, really hope there is a Firefly cast member who's autograph I don't have yet! (Please Nathan Fillion-make my year!!)

I am starting to read more comics lately so I want to check out the Comic Village. I am going to, for the first time, try and attend some of the talks and I also love the idea of the VidfestUK events and getting the chance to meet the people behind online videos and various web series.

Really, I just want to walk around, meet some authors, check out the cosplay and enjoy spending time with fellow geeks!

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