Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Book 3 of 25 - The Perfect Hope by Nora Roberts

The Perfect Hope by Nora Roberts

Everyone needs some cheese in their life and Nora Roberts is mine. Her books are so comfortable, you know what to expect, you know you are going to love the characters and the storylines, and I especially love it when there’s a bit of magic and mystery in there somewhere.
The Perfect Hope is the last book in a trilogy based around the author’s own inn, (of course the Inn is on my places to visit list next time I’m in the US!). There are 3 brothers (all sexy of course!) and 3 women (all pretty), eventually they all end up together, one book at a time. What I love about her characters, is that they are like us, the men swear, drink beer, fight with their brothers, the women, like shoes, wine and sexy men. They are relatable but there’s just enough gloss to make the book feel like a fairy tale. I love the way I get so caught up in the characters, which sometimes I forget I’m not them for a second if I get distracted whist reading!
I liken the feeling I get reading her books to the same feeling I get when sitting down to a bowl of my favourite cream of tomato soup in my pyjamas after a long day out in the cold! Warm, cosy and yummy!

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