Monday, 4 March 2013

My Books For This Week

This Beautiful Life by Helen Schulman - Fiction Book Club
I just took this book of the shelf today, the first chapter has already made me go 'oh my god'!!

Cavalier by Lucy Worsley - The Family Book Club
I'll tell you more tomorrow.

The Bicycle Runner by G Franco Romagnoli - Non Fiction Book Club
I should be finished tonight so I'll review it on Wednesday.

A Trail Of Fire by Diana Gabaldon
This book has to be back at the library on Thursday so I'd better hurry up!

I just saw on Twitter that an artist, Jemina  who I queued with to meet Felicia Day at the Brisbane Supernova, has read 68 books so far this year! Can I just say that she also gave birth 2 months ago?!! What!! I work part time and have no responsibilities and have managed probably 20- what have I been doing with my time!!

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